Breast Augmentation Case 4

Breast Augmentation

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“I Want My Pregnancy Breasts!”

This 30 year old mother of one came to CARE Plastic Surgery and Dr. Coan to discuss breast augmentation. She desired much fuller breasts and stated her wish would be a full C cup. She liked the size of her breasts during her pregnancy, which she stated were in the C to D cup size range. She always thought of breast augmentation as an option, but it was only in the past year that she started doing serious research about the procedure and surgeons in the area. She was excited to meet with Dr. Coan and talk about her options. At her consultation, Dr. Coan educated her and her husband about the different types of implants and how cup size is never guaranteed. After his thorough evaluation, Dr. Coan ultimately recommended the Natrelle 410 Form Stable breast implants. Post procedure, she is incredibly happy with her results and experience at CARE.