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Breast Augmentation

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“N is for Nothing”

This 39 year old stay at home mother-of-two came to Dr. Coan and CARE Plastic Surgery with one wish: “I just want boobs.” She was a self-proclaimed “36N” – “N is for nothing.” She was looking for a very natural result, and stated “Having anything would be great.” She breastfed two children and had considered this procedure for as long as she could remember.  Now she was excited about enhancing her previous shape.  One of her friends recommended she speak with Dr. Coan about her goals. Dr. Coan performed his evaluation and found that her common asymmetries: protruding ribcage, left breast sitting higher than the right, would be best improved by the Natrelle 410 Form Stable breast implants. Dr. Coan used two different sized implants and projections to create a more even, beautifully natural result. She has fully healed and is absolutely in love with her new results.