Body Contouring Case 1

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

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Care Plastic Surgery 7:42 pm Care Plastic Surgery 7:42 pm
168 lbs
Peak Weight

281 lbs

Amount of Weight Lost

113 lbs

Weight Loss Procedure

Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Scott Bovard of Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina (BSNC) in July 2014

CARE Plastic Surgery Procedures

Lower Body Lift and Full Mastopexy (Breast Lift) with Dr. Brian S. Coan

Patient Story

During her aesthetic surgery consultation, this prior weight loss patient expressed to Dr. Brian Coan that she wanted to look as great as she feels and she felt plastic surgery could help her achieve this goal. She loved hearing that Dr. Coan’s plastic surgery results were featured on the Emmy-award winning program The Doctors.  She loves to exercise, travel and go on fun adventures with her fiancé – including riding roller coasters! Dr. Bovard of the Bariatric Specialists of NC referred this patient to Dr. Coan and CARE after her sleeve gastrectomy in July of 2014. Before her weight loss, she was not able to fully enjoy traveling or spending time outdoors. After successfully losing 113 pounds, Dr. Bovard recommended she consult with Dr. Coan for body contouring. After her evaluation and their discussion, Dr. Coan recommended a lower body lift and full mastopexy (breast lift). She proceeded with her plastic surgery plan and is ecstatic with her results. She recently celebrated her wedding and had a fabulous honeymoon – riding roller coasters of course!