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Dry or Oily Skin?
 Extremely Dry Dry Oily Dry with Oily Patchy Areas

My skin texture is…
 Smooth, no wrinkles? Some wrinkles around eyes, and / or lips? Several wrinkles on face? Several wrinkles, some loose skin

What skin problems are you interested in correcting?? (check all that apply)?
 Acne (current or acne scars) Pigment Spots (Sun Spots or Melasma) Broken capillaries (Roseaca) Irregular complexion Aging face, sun damage

What skin care products you use the most? Please check as many as appropriate.
 Cleanser Moisturizer Anti-age treatments and Serums Scrubs/Exfoliants Masques Other…

If other…

What is your biggest skin care concern?

Have you received skincare consultations/treatments, microdermabrasion, medical grade facials or laser treatments to the face in the past?

What is your favorite brand of skincare right now?

Your Age Group:
 greater than 60 40-60 18-40 under 18 years

Your Gender:
 Male Female

 Birth control pills Accutane Effudex Antibiotics None

Vitamin Intake:
 Always Sometimes Never

Sun Exposure:
 A lot of outdoor activity Moderate outdoor activity Only driving to and from areas. Little direct exposure.

Are there other procedures you would like to discuss? (Check all that apply)
 Male & Female Facelift Male & Female Chin & Jaw Implants Endoscopic or Coronal Browlift Eyelid Surgery (upper or lower eyelid) Neck Lift (or neck tightening) Fat Injection Lip Augmentation Breast Augmentation Minimal Scar Breast Lift Breast Reconstruction Breast Reduction Leg & Arm Lift Liposuction Abdominoplasty Microdermabrasion Laser Treatments Acne BOTOX® Radiesse® Tummy Tuck Liposuction Rhinoplasty Vein & Hair Removal—Laser

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