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New Year, New You! Why 2017 Is Your Year for Breast Surgery

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Can you believe it’s February? Although we’re already a month in, the year is just beginning. The best time to get a breast enhancement is now, while the year is still young and fresh. What better time is there to reinvent yourself than at the start of a new year? Now you can look forward to the rest of the year with a new body and a new outlook on life.

Whether it’s moving up a size (or a few) with breast augmentation or perking things up with a breast lift, 2017 is your year for breast surgery.

While statistics on the state of plastic surgery in 2016 aren’t out yet, plastic surgery procedures were on the rise in 2015, and experts in the field of plastic surgery are declaring that trend might continue for 2016 and 2017.

Breast enhancement procedures are proving to be some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, and plastic surgery, in general, is starting to gain wider acceptance in society. Don’t get left behind in 2017, and consider this the year you join the bandwagon.


Just about now is one of the best times to get breast surgery. Think about it: whether you’re getting a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, you know the recovery is likely to be long. If you’re going to approach your recovery from breast surgery carefully, you know you can’t rush it.

In order to fully heal and be ready to show off your new silhouette by springtime or bikini season, now is the best time to undergo the actual procedure. When the sun is out and the weather is hot, you don’t want to be stressed out because you have to spend your time indoors missing out on all the fun.

In Fashion

The start of the year is always in the dead of winter, which makes it perfect for a discreet, comfortable recovery. Sure, right around New Year’s is when the metallic prints and glittery clothing start to come out, but it’s also perfect for thick bulky sweaters and tops that are great for hiding bulky bandages and compression garments.

Wearing tight clothing while you’re nursing deep incisions and trying to heal is no fun at all. Starting your recovery now will let you feel fashionable and comfortable.

Don’t wait! Contact CARE Plastic Surgery now for a chance to work with Dr. Coan, one of the most renowned and compassionate breast surgeons in the country. Schedule a consultation today.

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