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Lush Lashes to Lust Over – with Latisse!

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

If you’re like me and crave lush dark lashes, there’s a product I’ve come to love and learned about from working in a plastic surgery office.

Being a fair-skinned blonde, I find myself piling on mascara to emphasize my lashes and make my blue eyes POP! I’ve experimented with all different types and colors, searching for the lushest lashes.

Although this typically works, it’s hard on my lashes (and my bank account), and removing the mascara and eye makeup at night is quite the task. Since I’ve found Latisse, I’m using less mascara and receiving more compliments!

Latisse is a prescription that Dr. Brian Coan here at CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham can write for you, and the application is so easy! The bottle says you will start to see results at 12 weeks, but in my case, I actually saw results after ­­­­­­­­­­6 weeks! And the more you use Latisse, the thicker and longer your luscious lashes will be!

Before bedtime, use just one drop of Latisse on the applicator brush and apply on your lash line from the outside to the inside of both eyes. What seems to work for me is first washing my face with my Clarisonic and a gentle cleanser. Be sure not to use an oil-based cleanser (as this will create a barrier). I really love Luzern’s Pure Cleansing Gel. It’s gentle, organic, and smells amazing! Then I pat my face dry before applying the Latisse to my lash line. Be sure you use Latisse every night for at least several weeks.

After several weeks, in my case after six weeks, I reduced my usage down to applying four times per week or every other day. I have a few friends that have said they applied it only three times per week. It really depends on your schedule and how fast you want to see results!

This is a picture of my lashes with mascara after using Latisse! My favorite mascara is ‘­­­­­­­­­Benefit They’re REAL! Mascara’. Let me know what you think and what mascara YOU love!

Here’s even more exciting news! Right now at CARE, we have a 5mL of Latisse (that will last at least six months) for $199, and with your purchase, you will receive ten units of Botox FREE! Also, because Latisse is an Allergan product, you will receive Brilliant Distinction points.

Call us at CARE Plastic Surgery today at (919) 484-4884, and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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