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Fillers are a popular non-surgical option to treat signs of aging or to subtly augment areas like the lips, chin, or cheeks. Most fillers work using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that creates a hydrated and plump appearance in the skin which gradually breaks down over time. With filler injections, patients can restore volume lost due to the natural aging process, smoothing wrinkles or reversing a hollow or sunken appearance in areas like the cheeks or under the eyes. At CARE Plastic Surgery, we offer the following dermal filler options:

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" I have been seeing April at CARE Plastic Surgery for a few months now for Botox and lip fillers and I am obsessed! After experiencing service at other surgeons offices, I can say that CARE is my new go to for everything! Tica and Cammie are also super welcoming, professional, and will help you figure out exactly what you’re looking for! I can not rave enough about CARE! " - KG Botox and Fillers Patient



CARE Plastic Surgery in North Carolina is proud to provide non-invasive skin rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation in the Raleigh area. We bring a keen attention to detail for your non-surgical skincare as we do to our traditional aesthetic plastic surgery procedures such as a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation or a Rhinoplasty. Call (919) 246-8750 to schedule your consultation, or click here to get in touch with one of our friendly patient care coordinators.

To schedule an appointment with a CARE staff member or Dr. Coan to discuss physician-grade skincare and treatments call 919-335-9298

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dermal filler do?

Dermal fillers work to combat the signs of aging and can serve a multitude of purposes. Fillers can be used to restore volume loss, to contour and enhance facial features, and to reduce the appearance of some fine lines and wrinkles. Juvederm fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a compound our bodies naturally produce.

How long does dermal fillers last?

The longevity of dermal fillers can vary depending on the exact product. At CARE Plastic Surgery, we consider Juvederm fillers to be the gold standard of dermal fillers. On average, most fillers can last about 12 months, and some can last up to 24 months. Despite the longevity of these fillers, some patients may find they are ready for re-treatment sooner. This is common and to be expected, and we recommend “touch ups” for best maintenance.

What are the side effects of dermal fillers?

Typical side effects can include temporary bleeding and/or bruising at injection site, redness, swelling, lumpiness, and mild soreness. It is important to notice The most common side effects are swelling and bruising, but there are measures you can take to minimize these. We recommend avoiding alcohol and other blood-thinning agents, such as certain supplements and NSAIDs, prior to your filler appointment. This will help minimize the risk of bruising and/or swelling.

What happens when you stop getting fillers?

Because most fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a component naturally-produced by your own body, they will eventually be broken down and absorbed by hyaluronidase, a naturally-occurring enzyme. In summary, when you stop getting fillers, your body will eventually break the injected filler down and you will return to your original state.

Are dermal fillers worth it?

The vast majority of our patients (and staff!) find that they deem dermal fillers worth it when addressing facial aging. Our happy patients find the longevity of the product combined with its predictable results is a worthwhile investment that complements their other aesthetic services, such as Botox and skin resurfacing treatments.

Do dermal filler injections hurt?

Dermal fillers typically contain lidocaine, which helps to numb the surrounding areas during the injection. In addition, patients can opt to use topical numbing prior to treating sensitive areas, such as the lips. Icing for about 15 minutes prior to your injection can also help numb the area, creating a more comfortable experience. With all of these measures, injection discomfort is greatly reduced.

How long do fillers take to settle?

Depending on the area treated, fillers can take anywhere up to 4-8 weeks to fully integrate with the surrounding tissues and completely settle. We encourage our patients to return for a follow-up appointment about 6-8 weeks after their initial injection to accurately assess the final outcome. This allows adequate time for the product to be incorporated into the surrounding tissues.

How much are dermal fillers?

One syringe of filler can be anywhere between $799-$999 depending on the exact filler product. Depending on the area(s) being treated, as well as your starting anatomy, your injector may recommend more than one syringe to achieve the best aesthetic result. It is common to require several syringes to achieve a noticeable volume restoration. Additionally, this may best be accomplished over time (I.e. a couple weeks or months). Many patients find they may require several syringes for their first treatment, and only need 1-2 syringes thereafter for maintenance.

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