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Crisalix 3D Imaging- See Yourself with Plastic Surgery

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

Stop imagining life with bigger breasts or Botox and see it yourself instead. We offer Crisalix 3D Imaging to our patients, a state-of-the-art imaging system that allows patients to visualize potential plastic surgery results. This special technology is available for breast augmentation procedures and facial procedures like Botox, rhinoplasty, fat injections, and more. What will you look like after plastic surgery?

Design Your Ideal Breasts with Crisalix

Our breast augmentation patients love Crisalix 3D Imaging. We can use it to “try on” various implant shapes and sizes. We can also show you how different surgical techniques will impact your final results. How will Crisalix Imaging help you make the breast augmentation decision? Come in, and let’s take your implants on a “test drive”.

  • Visualize different cup sizes to find the perfect fit
  • See how changes in implant volume and projection impact results
  • Explore various breast augmentation techniques
  • Design your ideal breasts
  • Easier communication with your surgeon to ensure you’re both on the same page

See Your Face After Plastic Surgery

Do you ever wonder what you would look like with Botox? Are fat injections right for you? Crisalix 3D Imaging can also be used to visualize facial plastic surgery results. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, come in for a 3D consultation and see your new look before you decide. If you love the results, move forward with the procedure. If not, you can explore other options instead. Stop wondering what you’ll look like and see the results today.

Crisalix can be used to simulate results for many types of facial procedures, including:

How Does Crisalix Imaging Work?

Crisalix Imaging is fast and easy. We’ll take a few quick photos and load them into the special software. A 3D image is prepared by combining the 2D photos, and then we can tweak, change, and manipulate the 3D image to show you your plastic surgery results. Contact us today to start the process and see yourself the way you’ve always imagined.

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