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I can see why they call it “CARE,” because they really do. From the person I spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the nurses–everyone was incredibly helpful.

Plastic Surgery Blog

I Want a Breast Reduction, But I Don’t Want Them to Be Too Small

For the millions of women out there with overly large breasts, life can be incredibly difficult. Imagine the pain of heavy bra straps cutting into the skin, the constant back pain, neck pain, and headaches that are a given for women with too-big breasts. Breast reduction, the plastic surgery procedure that removes excess breast tissue, […] - Read More >>

Scared of Scars? Five Expert Tips for Recovering Post-Breast Surgery

We tend to think of our breasts as one of the most alluring, sensitive parts of ourselves. That’s why the thought of having distracting scars might make you think twice about getting a breast enhancement procedure; scars can be potentially unsightly, and it’s positively anxiety-inducing to think about having to hide them from intimate partners. […] - Read More >>

CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Best of Durham, AGAIN!

The people of North Carolina have spoken—and CARE Plastic Surgery has once again been voted the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Durham! The honor was bestowed by Durham Magazine readers in their yearly Best of Durham Issue. This isn’t the first time that CARE Plastic Surgery has dominated the award—amazingly, this is CARE Plastic […] - Read More >>

CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Durham Magazine’s Platinum Best! 5th Year in a Row!

It’s time for our big and exciting announcement that we’ve had to keep secret for months now. Durham magazine has announced that CARE Plastic Surgery and the office of Dr. Brian Coan won best of Durham in the highest category, AGAIN for our 5th year in a row.  CARE is Durham’s Platinum Best! Thanks to everyone who all […] - Read More >>

What Plastic Surgery is Really About for Our Patients

The truth is our patients are everyday working men and women, moms, dads, seniors, and even military.  Usually our patients in come in to see us with very emotional stories and, in many cases, they are seeking improvement to their image in order to feel better. But, the truth here is they are not vain, […] - Read More >>

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