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Can I Get Financing for My Breast Surgery?

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Are you dreaming of bigger breasts but are a little short on cash? Some patients save up until they can afford to pay for their breast surgery in full, but if you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to. There are financing options available for your breast surgery at CARE Plastic Surgery. Learn a little more about your options below, and then schedule your consultation with us to begin your journey to better breasts. Call 919-484-4884 today!

How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost?

At CARE Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to making plastic surgery affordable without compromising on the quality of care. Our breast surgeries are no exception. When you choose us, you’ll know you’re getting some of the best care available in Durham from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Coan.

The total cost of your procedure will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • What Type of Breast Surgery Do You Need?: Breast lifts, breast augmentation, and breast reduction surgeries vary substantially, each with its own cost ranges. Some women will need more than one breast surgery. For example, you may need a breast augmentation to increase size and a breast lift to correct sagging.
  • Are You Getting Implants?: Breast implants vary in price depending on the type and size of implant selected. Generally, saline implants are less expensive than silicone implants.
  • Is It a Reconstructive Surgery?: If you need breast reconstruction, your procedure may be covered, at least in part, by your insurance company. If your procedure is deemed medically necessary by your insurance company, we may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket costs significantly. Breast reconstruction surgeries and breast reduction surgeries may be covered for some patients.
  • How Complex Is Your Procedure?: No two breast surgeries are alike. Many factors contribute to the complexity of breast surgery. Typically, more complex surgeries take more time and cost more.

During your consultation, we’ll give you a comprehensive surgery quote. This quote will include the estimated time and cost of the operating room, fees and supplies like anesthesia and implants, and any other expected expenses. We want you to know how much your surgery will cost so you can make an informed decision.

What Are My Financing Options?

If you need financing, we have options available. You can apply online with instant approval. Check out the options below or get in touch with any questions.

We’ve talked with many patients that have wanted breast surgery for years but never scheduled that consultation. They worry that breast surgery is just too expensive and out of reach. What these prospective patients don’t realize is that there are financing options available. You may not need the full cost of your surgery ready in cash to move ahead.

Schedule your consultation, explore your options, and then decide if breast surgery is right for you. Call today!

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