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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, about one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer throughout their lifetime. Specifically, in 2017, an estimated 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the United States.

Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer

Following successful treatment, in which the breasts are often removed, some women make the personal decision to pursue breast reconstruction surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has revealed that since 2015, reconstructive procedures have remained relatively stable at 5.8 million each year. Of course, the decision to pursue reconstructive surgery is completely personal and subjective.

At CARE Plastic Surgery, though we offer a wide variety of services and surgeries for all needs, this month, we want to focus on the significance of awareness and the importance of coming together to find a cure for breast cancer. After all, the fight is next-to-impossible to handle alone, but with unity, all things are possible!

Campaign for Awareness

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.” Though the once-famous business magnate may not have specifically been referring to the fight against breast cancer, the quote still fits. After all, it is only after we come together, stay together, and work together, that we will finally find a cure for breast cancer!

At CARE Plastic Surgery, we are doing our part to bring awareness to everyone – men, women, and children. We are currently running our “Campaign for Awareness,” in which all month long we are showcasing the need to remember the staggering realities of breast cancer, how far we have come since the beginning stages, and the battle that still lies ahead of us.

Whether you have personally experienced breast cancer, or know someone who has or just wants to support the cause, we invite you and your family to stop in all month long and pick up a complimentary bracelet to help prove that you do “CARE for the cure!” Remember, the most effective and positive weapon in the fight against breast cancer is awareness.

Breast Cancer Facts and Stats

The following are alarming facts and statistics regarding breast cancer and women in the United States:

  • About 95 percent of all breast cancers occur in women 40 years and older.
  • Routine mammograms can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer by 30 to 40 percent among women ages 40 to 70.
  • Approximately 220,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, while more than 40,000 die.
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.
  • Every 13 minutes, one woman will die of breast cancer.
  • Thanks to early detection, better screenings, new treatment options, and increased awareness, breast cancer deaths have been declining since 1990.
  • There are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors – the largest group of all cancer survivors.

Yes, the facts and statistics regarding breast cancer are scary, yet, that does not mean we should stop fighting for a cure. The information listed above should propel us forward, and inspire us to fight harder for a cure.

What’s the best way to fight breast cancer? Awareness.

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

There are both multiple and effective ways to raise breast cancer awareness.

For starters, inform yourself about breast cancer. We live in a world where information is power, so empower yourself by learning the statistics and symptoms of breast cancer. Better yet, educate yourself on organizations that accept donations and conduct breast cancer research. If you can, donate money or volunteer your time to these organizations.

Consider purchasing ribbons, t-shirts, bracelets, or other products (they are often pink) to help inform others that it is breast cancer awareness month. Of course, these items can be worn year-long, and are a great way to show support for survivors everywhere. The proceeds of these products are often donated to research organizations.

Finally, you can participate in breast cancer awareness walks, runs, hikes, or even organize an event in your community. These events help bring awareness to the issue, unite groups of people, and even raise funds for research.

Remember, perhaps one of the most effective methods of raising breast cancer awareness is to promote routine mammograms.

Make Somebody Aware

The skilled and trained staff at CARE Plastic Surgery wants to do our part to ensure breast cancer is talked about throughout October, as well as the rest of the year. Together, we can and will find a cure!

Do not forget to stop by our office and pick up a complimentary bracelet to help prove that you do “CARE for the cure!” Awareness is a key component in fighting breast cancer, so make somebody aware today.

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