Body Contouring FAQ

Are there other names for similar body lift procedures?

A body lift is also known as a belt lipectomy, torsoplasty, central body lift, combined abdominoplasty and buttock lift, circumferential torsoplasty, circumferential panniculectomy, circumferential lipectomy, upper body lift, total body lift, and lower body lift procedures. There are subtle and generally are also called body contouring or plastic surgery after weight loss.

How much time is required for a body lift?

The amount of time required for a body lift procedure varies based on the type and extent of the surgery performed. Body Lift surgeries can range on average from 4-8 hours. A patient’s safety and health may sometimes require an overnight stay in the surgery center. In some cases, it may be optimal to divide the surgery into multiple sessions called staging.

Is a body lift an inpatient or outpatient procedure?

A body lift procedure can be an in-patient or out-patient procedure depending on the procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Coan, he and his medical staff will recommend the optimal treatment plan for you based on the type of procedures that will be best for you.

What is the recovery time from a body lift?

The average patient recovery time varies based on the type of body lift or body contouring the patient receives and the patient’s unique biological healing process. Typically, patients return to light physical activity with restrictions around two weeks after their surgery.

When will I be able to return to work?

Many patients are back to work two weeks post-procedure. Additionally, many patients return to performing light physical activity 2-3 weeks after their surgery, with most patients resuming full activity by six weeks.

When can I start becoming active again?

While patients are urged to take walks after surgery to keep their bodies mobile and healthy, we advise our patients not to partake in heavy physical activity in the early stages of the healing process. Patients typically require 6 weeks of recovery time before returning to more rigorous physical activities (like jogging, working out or strenuous activities).

When will I be able to see the results from my body lift?

The physical results of a body lift procedure are visible immediately after surgery. At CARE we take the time to explain the swelling and healing prodess. Much swelling subsides by 6 weeks and even more so at the three month post-procedure mark. In general final full results are visible after one year as scars mature and fade.

How long do the results last?

By maintaining your weight and adopting such behaviors as a nutritious diet and exercise, the results of a body lift or body contouring can be long-lasting. While the processes of aging and gravity are inevitable, good skin quality and healthy lifestyle will help maintain your results.

Is there much discomfort from a body lift?

This varies from patient to patient as pain tolerance is unique to everyone. As with most surgeries, mild to moderate discomfort may arise. However, like most surgeries, proactive medication use will prevent, control, and alleviate significant aches during healing.

What types of anesthesia are used during a body lift?

During your meeting and prospective pre-operative appointment with Dr. Coan, he and the CARE medical staff, nurses, surgical techs, and patient care coordinators will discuss your options for anesthesia based on your individual needs and what is safest for your unique needs. Options include general, local, or deep sedation without intubation.

What is the longest amount of time I might have to stay home after my body lift surgery?

The amount of time needed for a body lift procedure fluctuates based on the extent of the surgery and the individual healing capacity of the patient.

Do I have to wear support garments after a body lift surgery?

At CARE we have a compression garment custom fit to your proportions for your post surgical use. The CARE patients typically wear compression garments to aid with the healing and will wear them throughout the day (except when bathing). At your post-operative appointment(s), Dr. Coan will determine when it is appropriate for you to stop wearing the compression garments.

When will I be able to bathe?

Patients are able to do a light sponge bath, however are asked to refrain from full baths in the first two days after the surgery in order to not manipulate any dressings or stitches. Although, once the dressings are removed (typically the third day), the patient is able to shower.

Can I take care of my children after my body lift surgery?

Prior to having your surgery, you should arrange to have someone aid you in taking care of your children. After the surgery, you will need ample time to rest in order to ensure that your wounds heal in a timely and optimal manner. We advise our patients not to carry objects heavier than 10 pounds during the beginning of their recovery period.

Should I have a body lift if I plan to have more children?

This depends on your age and the severity of your excess skin.

Is there any way to avoid scarring?

Some scarring is an inevitable part of all surgery, but the prominence and visibility of the scar(s) varies based on many factors. Because body lift procedures are based on surgical excisions, scarring will occur. However, Dr. Coan and his medical staff will do their best to ensure that the prominence and visibility of your surgical incisions are meniscal by practicing careful suturing techniques and providing you with FDA approved scaring ointments post-surgery.

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