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Our Cups Runneth Over with Breast Augmentation News at CARE!

Happy October Ladies! It’s the PERFECT time to consider breast augmentation with Dr. Brian Coan & CARE! We have compelling hot-off-the-presses news about Mentor’s upgraded warranty. Mentor is one of our preferred implant providers at CARE and they have just … Continue reading

CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Durham Magazine’s Platinum Best! 5th Year in a Row!

It’s time for our big and exciting announcement that we’ve had to keep secret for months now. Durham magazine has announced that CARE Plastic Surgery and the office of Dr. Brian Coan won best of Durham in the highest category, AGAIN for our … Continue reading

The Latest News on Breast Implants

Breast Implant News

Breast Implant News:  Durham, NC We’ve all heard of shortages of water and food, but in Venezuela an unpopular shortage is causing women to pay a premium for changing their body shape. According to a recent CNN article, the latest … Continue reading

What Plastic Surgery is Really About for Our Patients


The truth is our patients are everyday working men and women, moms, dads, seniors, and even military.  Usually our patients in come in to see us with very emotional stories and, in many cases, they are seeking improvement to their … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Botox


Botox is the most popular, FDA-approved cosmetic procedure in America. As a non-invasive treatment that has been around for almost four decades, Botox is known for its safety, as well as its extremely high rate of satisfaction in clients. With … Continue reading

Lush Lashes to Lust Over!


If you’re like me and crave a lush dark lashes, there’s a product I’ve come to love and learned about from working in a plastic surgery office. Being a fair-skinned blonde, I find myself piling on the mascara to emphasize … Continue reading

Take a Look at What a ‘Perfect’ Perfect Peel Can Do For You…

Peel PM day 6

Tired of tired looking skin? Need to look hot for that upcoming event? Look no further than the perfect peel. This peel lives up to its name by making your skin look and feel like perfection! I have worked with … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose an Excellent Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Coan, Care Plastic Surgery

There is no doubt that there are a plethora of benefits, both physically and emotionally, that plastic surgery offers countless patients year after year. However, there are still risks to take into account with ever procedure. While many patients know … Continue reading

Top 7 Plastic Surgery Myths Revealed

Myths or Facts Concept

Cosmetic surgery has been met historically with its fair share of praise as well as skepticism. From reality TV show dramatizations, to celebrity surgeries gone wrong, it is no surprise that there are a plethora of myths and mistruths out … Continue reading

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Bad Plastic Surgery

avoiding bad plastic surgery

We’ve all seen the horror stories of what bad plastic surgery can do. These photos get plastered all over magazines and news stories, and, while plastic surgery can have amazing successes and create dramatic improvement that leave patients beaming, sadly … Continue reading