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What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 30s

You’re in your 30s, strong, successful, and ready to take control. What’s holding you back from your dreams? If you’ve been dreaming of bigger breasts, take action. Come into CARE Plastic Surgery and meet with Dr. Coan or Dr. Zenn. Breast augmentation can transform your breasts and boost your confidence. If you’re thinking about breast… Read More »

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What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 20s

What’s the best age for breast augmentation? If you’re ready for surgery, come see us, whatever your age. The best time for breast augmentation is whenever you’re ready. If you’re in your 20s, this guide will provide essential tips for a successful surgical experience. If you’re older, many of these tips still apply to you…. Read More »

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Breast Implant Profiles: What You Need to Know

Small, medium, or large? Choosing breast implants is not as simple as choosing a t-shirt. Implants come in many shapes, sizes, types, and even profiles. Today, let’s learn more about implant profiles and projection so you can find your perfect fit. Remember, we’re here to help you find the right implants. This isn’t a decision… Read More »

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Breast Lift After Weight Loss

When you dropped that weight, you probably dreamed of a flatter belly. What you didn’t realize was that you’d get flatter breasts too. If you’ve lost breast volume or developed sagging after weight loss, come see us. A breast lift (mastopexy) may be just what you need to restore fullness and perkiness to your breasts…. Read More »

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Can I Get Financing for My Breast Surgery?

Are you dreaming of bigger breasts, but a little short on cash? Some patients save up until they can afford to pay for their breast surgery in full, but if you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to. There are financing options available for your breast surgery at CARE Plastic Surgery. Learn a little… Read More »

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Why Breast Augmentation Is the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure

  Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. and has been for many years running. Last year more than 290,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed by members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a 4% increase from the year before. Why is breast augmentation so popular? Let’s take a… Read More »

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Insurance Turned You Down? Come to CARE Plastic Surgery and Do it on Your Own

Working with insurance companies can be a hassle. You need something done, but it can feel like climbing Mt. Everest getting the approvals you need to go ahead with surgery. If your insurance company has turned you down for a procedure, come see us. We have helped many patients to finance a procedure on their… Read More »

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Gynecomastia Myths- 5 Misconceptions About Male Breast Reduction

Some men develop enlarged breast tissue. When this occurs, it is known as gynecomastia. Many find the condition embarrassing and avoid talking about it. This can lead to a lot of myths and misunderstanding surrounding this common condition. Today, let’s debunk some of the myths learn the truth about gynecomastia. Gynecomastia Myth #1- Only Women… Read More »

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Will I Lose Sensitivity In My Nipples After Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation changes the appearance of the breasts, but for many women it will also change breast sensitivity, at least temporarily. The good news is, sensation changes to the nipples are generally short lived and lasting changes to nipple sensitivity are very rare. Here’s what you need to know. Why Does Breast Augmentation Cause Changes… Read More »

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Spring into Spring with a Breast Lift

Do you have sagging breasts? Breast sagging is a major complaint amongst women after pregnancy and due to aging. If you have sagging, one of the best solutions is a surgical breast lift. This procedure will remove excess skin and tissue and reposition the breast. Restore a youthful breast appearance with a breast lift (mastopexy)…. Read More »

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